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We believe men are born to be great.

Great at work, great at home with their wives and children, and great in the world.

But this greatness is not born in them. It is forged in the fire of hard things. Hard things are good things.

We believe their strength is not found in a title, a spouse, or a paycheck but in the one who made them in his image.

We believe that risk is essential to their relationship with God. That sitting in a pew is the worst way to grow in faith.

We believe men are meant to confront their fears head-on.

Like Jonathan who approached the Philistines with his armor bearer saying, “Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf.”

We believe men were meant to do this together, not apart.

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A Not So Secret Society


Founder of Men of the Woods, the Wild + Free Farm Village, and formerly STORY and Dream Year. Author of Dream Year, Church in the Making, and too many unpublished novels | Husband, father of five | Virginian